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Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary (ARAS) is a one-of-a-kind, non-profit shelter and care facility for animals that are left alone and helpless due to illness, disease, old age or basic neglect. While the main goal of Angel’s Rest is to rehabilitate, foster and seek adoption for our furry residents, we also serve as a loving hospice for those nearing their final days.

animal at Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary

animal at Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary

Angel’s Rest was established as a vehicle to connect humans and animals and bring some comfort and brightness to their lives. Whether they get adopted or end their lives with us at ARAS, it is our daily mission to ensure these dogs and cats are well taken care of. Our Foster For Life Program is unique to the animal rescue world, in that we take on full responsibility for the lifetime care and protection of these homeless, but lovable, creatures. We make decisions about the animal with only their best interest at heart.

Headquartered in Southwest Ohio, Angel’s Rest primarily rescues dogs and cats located in the Midwest; but has gone the extra mile to answer the call of unwanted or dying animals in other parts of the country. We are limited as to the number of animals we take in, but guarantee we will always offer guidance and advice to those most in need.

Angel’s Rest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which relies solely on individual donations to maintain its programs and care for its animals. ARAS also operates a 10,000 square foot Thrift Store in Amelia, Ohio and donates all profits back into the organization.

animal at Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary