Frequently Asked Questions

[accordian] [toggle title=”What is the difference between a shelter, a rescue and a sanctuary?” open=”no”] a. An animal shelter or pound is a place where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals, mostly dogs and cats, and sometimes sick or wounded wildlife are brought. These are government agencies supported by tax dollars. b. An animal rescue is dedicated to pet adoption. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them. A lot of these groups are breed specific. c. An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. In Angel’s Rest’s case, we house our animals until they can be placed in their prescreened forever homes or until their natural death. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Why does Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary call itself a “hospice”?” open=”no”] Angel’s Rest admits or seeks out animals that are first in line for euthanasia due to their advanced age, terminal conditions or life-long ailments. Because of this, most animals that enter our doors require around-the-clock care, special medications to keep them alive, special foods and/or supplements. Each animal gets an individualized plan based on his/her ailments and/or needs. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Does Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary take in strays?” open=”no”] No, we do not. If you have found a stray, please call your local county animal shelter. [/toggle][toggle title=”Will Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary take in a pet I no longer want?” open=”no”] Angel’s Rest only admits animals surrendered by owners through the LifeTime Care Program which requires preplanning, a consultation with a staff member and an upfront donation.[/toggle][toggle title=”Is Angel’s Rest obligated to admit a pet I no longer want?” open=”no”] Angel’s Rest is not a government facility or pound with a very specific model of animals it takes in. We are not obligated to take in strays or owner-surrendered animals. We are a privately-funded organization with a very specific need of helping those that are in imminent danger of euthanasia at the local county shelters. [/toggle][toggle title=”Every other shelter says my elderly cat will be euthanized if I surrender it to them. Will Angel’s Rest do the same?” open=”no”]No. Once Angel’s Rest commits to admitting your animal into the sanctuary, we make a promise to provide a haven for the animal for the remainder of its natural life, either in an adoptive home, foster home or at the sanctuary. [/toggle][toggle title=”I need to surrender a dog that no shelter or rescue facility will accept, due to its bite history. Will Angel’s Rest accept it?” open=”no”] Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary does admit animals with bite histories, but only through its LifeTime Care Program. Many animals with such histories have been surrendered and, while some have been adopted into loving homes, others live out their lives at the sanctuary. [/toggle][toggle title=”Why do you charge a surrender fee under your LifeTime Care Program? ” open=”no”] In 2012, it cost Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary an average of $1,365 to maintain one animal at the sanctuary, with that cost rising each subsequent year. This cost does not reflect any major illnesses or surgeries, just basic housing, nourishment, medications/supplements and enrichment. [/toggle][toggle title=”Will you adopt out animals that have bite histories?” open=”no”] Yes. Angel’s Rest believes in total transparency and will discuss an animal’s history in great detail to a potential adopter so an educated decision can be made as to whether to bring an animal into one’s home. At times, Angel’s Rest will enter into a foster-to-adopt agreement to ensure that the animal with bite histories or behavioral issues will be a good fit for the home and family. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Why does Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary run a thrift store?” open=”no”] The main goal of the thrift store is to raise funds for the operation of the animal sanctuary. The store plays an integral part in providing inexpensive merchandise to, and is an integral part of, the Amelia community. Working alongside the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the thrift store provides a venue for disabled individuals to work and/or volunteer and provide a viable service. Angel’s Rest works in conjunction with local churches and homeless shelters so that items that are unsellable can be donated to those in need. Angel’s Rest is very proud of the service it provides to the community and its recognition by the Board of Developmental Disabilities as their 2016 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR. [/toggle][toggle title=”How does Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary get its funding?” open=”no”] Angel’s Rest receives its funding through grants, thrift store proceeds and individual donations. We rely on the generosity of others to operate. [/toggle][toggle title=”How can I help support your cause?” open=”no”] There are many ways to support Angel’s Rest. a) Financially: donations of cash, stocks, bequests, land or real estate, gold or any other items that could be resold at the thrift store are always welcome. b) Donate items from our Wish List includes: detergents, bleach, disinfectants, gas cards, postage stamps, and copy paper. c) Participation in charitable programs from affiliated businesses: Such companies as Amazon, Kroger, and IGive will donate a portion of your purchase to Angel’s Rest if you designate it. The process is free to you, but extremely helpful to our sanctuary. d) Donation of vehicles: If you have a used car, boat, RV or any other vehicle that is taking up space in your garage, you can donate it to Angel’s Rest. The vehicle will be picked up at your place of residence in all 50 states. All you have to do is make a phone call. e) Shop at our thrift store: As 100% of net proceeds go towards funding the operation of the sanctuary, we encourage you to patronize our thrift store for amazing values. f) Spread the word about our great work and thrift store. [/toggle][toggle title=”I don’t have any extra funds right now. Can I still help?” open=”no”] Yes! If you have spare time please consider volunteering at the store or our sanctuary. Many of our elderly animals may never find a forever home, but are still in need of love and attention. Just a few hours a week to sit on a couch with a senior dog or cat will change their world. Contact us for more details. [/toggle][/accordian]