Angel's Rest News

Fri 05, May, 2017

Expansive dog run allows our canines to roam inside and out.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to do some much needed repairs for our fury residents. Our curious, loving cats are excited to have a partial, new roof over their heads. Additional funds are needed to finish the job, but it’s a good start.

We also added a dog run for our critters to roam inside and out during business hours every day. The new fencing and outside runs enable the dogs to have continual indoor/outdoor access.

There’s so much more to do. Maintaining and improving our facilities is a constant concern and we are committed to making Angel’s Rest the premier destination for homeless animals seeking a better life. We truly appreciate your caring, ongoing support.

Tue 24, Jan, 2017
Cat Murals Completed by Volunteer Emily


Emily poses with one of her creations. This young animal lover came to visit us and was inspired to create this wonderful mural depicting our Cat Village. The murals she created are now in the cat adoption room at Angel’s Rest. A native of Illinois, Emily is a big supporter of Angel’s Rest and is already planning a return appearance!

Fri 10, Jun, 2016
First Annual Summer Pawlooza – 2016!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary Thrift Store (1374 W. Ohio Pike, Amelia, OH 45102)

A day to be remembered. Angel’s Rest held a successful first Summer Pawlooza festival at its Thrift Store in Amelia last summer. It included drinks, food, music, a bounce house and a great raffle.

All proceeds went to benefit homeless animals and the efforts of Angel’s Rest to save dogs and cats that are sick and often unwanted. Thanks to generous donations from people like you, Angel’s Rest has been saving animals at its hospice sanctuary since 2009.



Wed 16, Dec, 2015
Thrift Store Celebrates One Year Anniversary in New Location

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of the Thrift Store at 1374 Ohio Pike in Amelia, Ohio (former CVS Store). With the help of our extremely generous donors, the store is stocked with a wide assortment of high-quality furniture, housewares, gift items, clothing and many other treasures waiting for new homes. (more…)

Mon 14, Dec, 2015
The Joanie Bernard Foundation

Our gratitude goes to the Joanie Bernard Foundation Inc. for their continued support of Angel’s Rest’s cat operations. Thank you!


Mon 14, Dec, 2015
Cats Enjoy New Furniture

The cats at Angel’s Rest are always happy to get a new perch, especially a room with a view! These towers are part of the ever-expanding Cat Village at Angel’s Rest and are supported by our wonderful donors and volunteers.

A few tips on resting and hiding – from Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB Florida Veterinary Behavior Service Jupiter, Florida

Resting cats observe their environment primarily via sight, sound, and smell. A typical indoor cat rarely has diversity in its environment except for what it can observe through a window. A cat that observes prey outdoors but does not have an outlet for its predatory drive may become frustrated and engage in stress-related displacement behavior and aggression. Hiding is a normal feline coping behavior. Cats should have tall vertical (eg, cat trees, shelving) and horizontal (eg, crinkle bags, cardboard boxes) spaces within their core area (ie, the most frequented area) so they can separate themselves from stressful interactions. A good guideline is to September 2014 • Social Environment Although cats have been labeled as solitary animals, they can have preferred associates, participate in mutual grooming and rubbing, form stable family groups, sleep in contact with other animals or humans, and maintain a social organization when food resources are adequate.Humans and dogs may be adequate social contact for cats in single-cat households. Training sessions should be no longer than 3 minutes, held before feeding, and terminated while the cat is still driven to interact. In addition, high-value rewards should be used, and cats should be trained individually. Clicker training can be highly effective ( have one resting space and hiding space per cat in each room that the cat frequents. Hiding and resting areas can be made more enticing through positive reinforcement with catnip or treats.

cat furniturecat-furniturecat furniture (more…)

Sat 30, Nov, 2013
Sticky Post: Cat Village

CAT VILLAGE is a loft-type building dedicated to the housing and care of cats where they reside cage free.  It is located in 5 beautifully-wooded acres where wildlife abounds.  The large building has three separate areas:  General Population, FIV+ Room and the Shy-Kitten Room.

General Population houses the majority of the cats.  Cats have access to the largest area and loft.  Cats find their places to call their own.  These areas house the cats that are younger, healthy and active. (more…)