Lifetime Care Program

Making a difference

Like humans, not all pets are the same. Some owners feel their pet exhibits behavioral issues that pose a safety hazard to their home environment. For this reason, under its Lifetime Care Program (LCP), Angel’s Rest Animal Society accepts dogs with severe bite histories and cats that refuse to use their litter boxes. Many animals that fit this description have been assessed and nurtured through LCP and placed in loving forever homes.

The Lifetime Care Difference:

  1. ARAS staff questions previous owner in order to determine pet’s behavioral triggers. This is crucial in determining how best to help the incoming pet. They can expect to be placed on a healthy grain-free diet, with additional natural supplements and calming aromatherapy oils.
  2. The animal is given a chance to “decompress” and get used to its surroundings. They are observed for “quirks” or behavioral issues. This is helpful for both the animal and the safety of our staff.
  3. Unless the pet shows initial signs of trauma or sickness, after one month we put it through a thorough medical evaluation, looking for signs of pain or other maladies that can alter its behavior.
  4. Once the pet is comfortable in its environment and been thoroughly assessed, it is then determined if it is a viable adoption candidate or one that will reside at the sanctuary and be integrated into our daily routines.
  5. If the pet is slated for adoption, ARAS believes in total transparency and full disclosure of the animal’s issues, history and progress. That allows the adoptive family to make an informed decision on whether to bring the pet into their home.

Angel’s Rest Animal Society will never euthanize an animal due to behavioral issues, space or inconvenience.

Dog & Cat Hospice

End of life care

The Dog & Cat Hospice program is our primary focus. Our mission has always been to take animals out of situations where they are facing certain death due to advanced age, open wounds, terminal conditions or life-long ailments; and provide them with a comfortable place to spend the remainder of their lives, no matter how long that may be. We take in abused, neglected, sick, old or otherwise unwanted animals, and strive to provide all who enter our doors with the care they need and deserve. We seek to ensure that they live out their lives being well fed and loved, in peace and comfort. Angel’s Rest has admitted animals with heart conditions, cancer, tumors, deformities, orthopedic fractures, degeneration, and severe arthritis. We have also welcomed those with Cushing’s Disease, renal failure, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy, diabetes, malnutrition, blindness and deafness, infected wounds and sores. Additionally, we have admitted cats that are positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Feline Leukemia and Feline Infectious Peritonitis from shelters across the nation. We strongly believe that a positive diagnosis does not equate to an immediate death sentence.

These critical-care animals receive around-the-clock monitoring at either the founder’s residence or the sanctuary. Along with traditional veterinary monitoring/treatment, holistic palliative care includes home cooked meals, supplements and vitamins, aromatherapy, water therapy and Reiki. It is our belief that the animal who requires treatment also needs a sense of belonging as it goes through this process. At Angel’s Rest we have a high success rate of controlling or reversing life-threatening conditions so that the animal becomes healthy, comfortable and pain free.

If the time comes when suffering outweighs the good days, the animal is euthanized in the comfort of his/her bed, whenever possible.